Cotton Candy Quilting

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All quilts are stored in

individual plastic containers.

Both my home and studio are smoke-free and pet-free environments.


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Preparing Your Quilt Top


There are several things you can do before you ship or drop off your quilt top to help make sure the quilting process goes as smoothly as possible. If you still have questions after reading through these tips, please feel free to email me at:


Quilt Tops

  • Do not pin or baste the quilt top.
  • If the top or backing has a specific direction, indicate it with a piece of paper pinned or taped to the fabric. For example, you can write "Top" or draw an arrow on a small piece of paper and pin it to the top edge of the quilt top and/or backing.
  • Make sure all loose threads and tails are trimmed.They can get caught on the machine and can be visible under lighter color fabrics.
  • Make sure your quilt top and backing do not have any embellishments such as pins, beads, charms or buttons.
  • If your quilt is pieced to the edge, lock stitch those seams by adding a stay stitch all the way around the edge of your top to prevent the edge seams from pulling apart during quilting.
  • All borders need to be flat to avoid tucks, pleats or extra fullness.



  • If you are preparing a backing to go with your quilt top, make sure to allow for an extra 4 inches on all sides of your quilt top. In other words, the backing should be the length and width of your quilt top plus 8 inches.
  • Trim selvage from the seams of the backing and press it well. (You don't have to trim selvage from the outside edges, just the seams).
  • Square your backing.



  • You can purchase batting from me and I will prepare it. For a list of the types and widths of batting I have available, please see the Services and Pricing page. You also have the option of providing your own batting.


  • Please press your top with all seams pressed properly.  Take the time to correct your flipped seams on the back.  This allows your top to lay smoothly without bumps in the finished quilt. This only take a moment or two while you are making your quilt top.  Check each seam before you press.   


  • If you become one of my Long Distant customers you will ship me your top, backing, and batting only if you decide to do so.  Usually my customers do not send batting but buy it from me to save shipping costs.  I will let you know when your quilt arrives and when I start quilting it.  I will bill you before it is shipped and after I receive payment. Return shipping will be added.  I usually send a photo or two so you can see progress as well..