Cotton Candy Quilting

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individual plastic containers.

Both my home and studio are smoke-free and pet-free environments.


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Quilting Services and Pricing


Every quilt is unique. Whether you prefer your top to be quilted with a custom design, an all-over pantagraph pattern, or basted so you can quilt it yourself, I can help you find the right design to showcase your work.


Below are descriptions of various quilitng options and the pricing for each. All quilting prices are per square inch of quilt top before quiliting, unless otherwise noted. Prices include a standard thread charge and a new needle with every quilt.

 Machine Basting

Eliminates the tedious hand-basting process. With a longarm machine, the three quilt layers are quickly basted together, usually about 4" apart.



 Free Motion All Over Quilting

This process creates meandering loops, swirls, hearts, stars and many other informal, free-motion patterns.


 Edge-to-Edge Quilting

A durable and economical option for quilts that will be well-used, edge-to-edge quilting creates a continuous line design that covers the entire quilt, regardless of the patchwork pattern, borders or sashing. The pattern is repeated several times across each row.

Simple, large pattern

Denser, more complex pattern








 3 to 5¢

 Custom Quilting

Based on the design of your top, I can help you design a quilting pattern that will complement your blocks, sashing and borders. This may include multiple designs, as well as close stippling, feathers, echo-quilting, stitch-in-the-ditch, crosshatching or outlining. If your project is quite large we may discuss a per hour charge vs.


 3 to 5¢

 Separate Border Design

This includes SID along one edge of the border.



 Minimum Charge per Quilt


Hobbs™ 80/20 cotton/poly, 96" wide

Hobbs™ poly/down, 108" wide 

Hobbs™ wool, 96" wide 

NatureFil™ 50/50 bamboo/organic cotton, 90" wide    

These prices may change as price as market prices change.  

 $2.50/linear ft   

 $2.00/linear ft

 $2.75/linear ft

 $4.00/linear ft


I use quality SoFine™ and Signature™ cotton threads The first color is included.

Additional colors


 $5.00 each


Repair seams, unbaste, unpin, iron, clip threads 

Seam backing or batting 

Square up backing, batting or top,  






Turn to quilt pattern borders

Wall-hanging sleeve 

Rush service




 30¢/linear inch



I can help you complete your quilt with a quality binding process using fabric you provide.

Machine stitch for customer to finish

Machine stitch, hand finish 

Prepare binding from raw yardage:

          Straight of grain 



 15¢/linear inch

 45¢/linear inch